Borough Offices

The Tyrone Borough Administrative office is located at 1100 Logan Avenue, Tyrone, Pennsylvania.   The Municipal Building  is open Monday – Friday, 8AM to 4PM.  The payment office is open Monday-Friday, 8AM to 3:30PM.

The Borough offices can be reached at (814) 684-1330, the fax number is (814) 684-5266.

The Municipal Building houses offices of the Mayor, Borough Manager, Administrative Assistant, Payment office (including Water, Sewer, Taxes and Fines), Code Enforcement, Tyrone Police Department and the Emergency Management Office.

Borough Manager

Under the Borough of Tyrone Home Rule Charter, the Borough Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough.  The Manager is responsible to Council for the administration of all Borough operations, including staffing of departments, budgeting and budget administration, provide periodic reports for Council, and administer and enforce all laws and ordinances of the Borough except as otherwise provided by the Charter.  The Borough Manager is Ardean Latchford and may be reached via email at

Finance Director

Shannon Wilson is the Borough’s Finance Director.  The Finance Director plans, organizes and directs the activities of the Finance Department; manages and directs the provision of investments, financial analysis and budgeting, accounting, billing, payroll, risk management and grant administration.  The Finance Director may be reached via email @

Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Gurekovich is the Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant handles executive secretarial duties, receptionist duties, contract bidding, the receipt of all building permit applications, and processing of employee human resource forms.   The Administrative Assistant maybe reached via email at

Emergency Management Agency Coordinator

Jay Young is the Emergency Management Agency coordinator for the Borough of Tyrone.  The EMA coordinator is responsible for the compliance and coordination of emergency services in the event of an emergency under state and federal guidelines. The position is an unpaid volunteer position. The EMA coordinator may be reached via email at

Code Enforcement Officer

Marvin Frazell is the Code Enforcement Officer for the Borough of Tyrone.  This  office is responsible for the enforcement of the Tyrone Borough Zoning Ordinances, Land Development and Subdivision Ordinance and  other ordinances adopted by the Borough Council for the purpose of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the Borough.  The Borough Code Enforcement office works in concert with the Borough designated Inspection Agency, MDIA Inc.  The Code Enforcement Department may be reached via email at